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Kelly of MorGainz Fitness offers services to train, educate, and inspire individuals looking to improve their health.

Multiple tiers of IGNITE 90 offer guidance through a fitness journey. Metabolism Testing is a simple, scientific, evidence based test to analyze how many calories does your body need in a day. And Body Composition Analysis answers the simple question – what are you made of?

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Full service members will have 24/7 access to limited areas of ALL MorGainz Fitness facilities!!! ALL fitness classes are included with a full service membership!

Aimee Janakovic

She is 5 inches smaller…she gained 2.2 pounds of muscle and lost 5 pounds of fat!!! Incredible! Her story: “Living a happy, purposeful and well balanced life takes a lot of intentional work. I’ve experienced many changes in the past 4 years, which has resulted in my life slipping into overdrive in the most blessed and best way. You have to be careful not to let the busyness of life become the excuse for not paying attention to your physical body and giving it what it needs. I realized I needed to streamline and take the guesswork out of the…

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One thing I learned is no matter how busy life gets you need to make time for you. Thank you Kelly for your encouragement and wisdom.
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Karen Schuster

I love the way I look & feel.  I’ve gone down a couple of pants sizes and I love the workouts.  I highly recommend her program & I talk about it to people all the time.
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Molly Byrne

Kelly taught me the skills needed to build muscles.  She helped me build the confidence needed to work out with weights without spending a lot of time in the gym.
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Maria Carnevali

I know it’ll be a loooong journey to get to my goal strength and body, but I can see it getting closer, and now, thanks to Kelly, I have the tools to get there & a little more patience with the process!
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Ivah Law

I feel very good about myself and will continue to follow this very sustainable program as long as I possibly can!
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Jenna Bender

After several months following her 90 day program, not only has my physical appearance been transformed, but I feel so much better mentally and emotionally.
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Kim Marshall

Dave not only had me performing weight lifting techniques I never thought possible, he also helped me to develop better nutritional habits to help maximize my results.
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Christina Horner

I hit the floor running and 3 months later I love my results. I met both of my goals! Thank you Kelly for all the encouragement, enthusiasm, and the knowledge of diet combined with weight training/exercise.
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