Sue Mohney Lease

Sue Mohney Lease


“My life has been full of new adventures & challenges. I am truly blessed & grateful. I changed careers at 36, learned to ride a motorcycle at 47, bought a RE/MAX franchise at 58 with my husband Bill, & started Kelly’s Ignite 90 program at 69. Our daughter Erin, who had completed Kelly’s Ignite 90 Program, inspired me. And I will always remember her saying before the set 3 assisted pull-ups on the bands “don’t worry, you won’t fall off, you’re coordinated. “ Bill conspired with our son Shane to get me the gift certificate for Christmas & adventure #4 was scheduled. Not gonna lie – slightly petrified when I walked into the gym on January 29th for the body composition analysis – and again at the first session with Kelly on January 31st. But here I am, now 70, and the results have been so worth it! 

What I gained/learned from Kelly Morgan:

1. I CAN do it.

2. Stand straight and tall.

3. When Kelly asks “can you do more”, the answer is NOT maybe. It’s yes or no.

4. What I eat matters. I’ve been on MANY food journeys and know that eating more vegetables, fruit, chicken etc. and less sugar etc. makes you lose and maintain weight. But I had no knowledge of macros, and have learned that the combination of fat, carbs, and protein are what enable you to not only lose fat but also gain muscle.

5. I now eat 3 times/day plus snacks & am never hungry.

6. I sleep better.

7. I have more energy.

8. My clothes fit better and I’m not afraid to tuck a shirt into my jeans now and NOT put on a fleece to hide the rolls – lol. Getting there!

So I hope this inspires YOU to do it (notice I didn’t say “try”). Life is full of forks in the road – take this fork. You won’t regret it. When Bill asked me “What’s next?”, I said “more of the same.” Thanks so much! Forever grateful, Kelly!” 

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