Is there someone available to help me with the equipment?

Yes. We offer a FREE orientation to all new members on Saturday mornings with one of our certified personal trainers. The trainers are all available for hire as well for 1 on 1 sessions, partner sessions or consultation services. Once a person becomes a member, they can choose which trainer they’d like to work with and contact them directly. Each trainer has their own set of fees paid directly to them.

Is the gym accessible 24 hours per day?

Yes. All members over 16 years old are required to purchase a key card or key fob that will give them 24/7 access.

Are my kids able to use the gym?

All children under the age of 10 must remain in the daycare at $2 per visit for members, $5 per visit for nonmembers or we also have an unlimited option.  Children 10-15 may become members, but must remain with their parent or their trainer AT ALL TIMES.

What type of classes do you offer and are they included in the membership?

All classes are included except Spin and Kettlebell. These costs are noted on the classes tab under each individual gym.

Do I have access to all 3 locations?

YES!!! During staff hours, there is NO additional fee! For members who want 24/7 access to all locations, the cost is $50/month and monthly mandatory bank draft as method of payment.

When is the gym the busiest?

Week nights from 3-7

Do you offer a day or week pass?

Yes we do! $10 day pass, $25 week pass.
Full time students and visiting active duty military we offer $5 day pass and $15 week pass.

What is the dress code?

Shirts, shorts/pants & shoes at all times. Sports bras, half shirts, strappy, falling apart tank tops and boy shirts are not appropriate for men or women! We like to say this is not a pool and we do not want to see boobs or butt cheeks! This becomes a hygiene issue as well as a distraction and we want EVERYONE to feel comfortable here.

What kind of crowd comes here?

We have members ages 10-88 and everything in between! We also have a fairly equal amount of men and women! Our facilities offer something for almost everyone!!!

What happens in case of bad weather?

We will follow the same policy as last year…if the school district closes…no staff, daycare or classes. Of course the members have 24/7 access if you decide to venture out. Please be safe!