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The MorGainz Story

I moved back to Johnstown PA from California in 2002, craving the small-town feel of my hometown. I’ve always been an avid gym-goer, and after using the old hometown gyms for a while, I felt completely unsatisfied.  

In 2012 while working full time as a registered nurse, I decided to take a huge leap of faith and turn my passion into a 10,000-square-foot, 24-7-accessible fitness facility in Richland Township (The East Hills).  MorGainz Fitness (originally named Richland Fitness) was born on April 16, 2012 and boasted 500 members in the very 1st month!!! 

We started with only a few group classes a week, which quickly grew to over 20 a week! We also started with only two Certified Personal Trainers, which has grown to a rotating group of over ten trainers!

The facility catered to all skill levels and our goal was to remove any possible excuses that customers could come up with as reasons not to go to the gym. We designed a family-oriented facility that any customer could be comfortable in, along with enough equipment and space for hardcore lifters, body builders, CrossFit-ers, and advanced exercisers.

The most unique part of our facility is our Daycare Program; available to members and nonmembers! Our mission is to allow parents to focus on their workouts while their little ones are taken care of by our CPR-certified daycare staff.  

While managing the facility, making mistakes, learning, growing, evolving, investing in our members, and working out over my first few years in the Richland gym, I had several commuting Ebensburg members request a gym in their area… And our Jackson location was born in October of 2014! It’s a smaller version of our Richland location, but packed with state-of-the-art equipment for all skill levels!

In 2016, another opportunity presented itself on The West Hills…  And our third location was born! MorGainz Fitness (originally known as West Hills Fitness) opened on December 12, 2016.  It is the largest of our facilities and includes 45 yards of turf for speed and agility training. The size and capabilities of this facility are unparalleled in the area. 

But the MorgGainz mission didn’t stop there: we opened our fourth location in Somerset in September 2019! And we’re actively working towards MorGainz #5! We are also in the process of franchising our small business so that other small business owners will be able to bring our passion to their hometown! 

We are firm believers in phenomenal customer service, ultra-clean facilities, and the personal touch of a small business. Our four facilities employ over 60 people! We want to welcome and encourage every person that walks in our door. We want to positively change our customers’ lives! 

I will be forever grateful to all those who have believed in our mission and have helped me along the way. It feels surreal looking back over the last 10+ years and seeing how my dreams became a reality.

I have been blessed to be able to quit my former nursing job and devote myself full time to the MorGainz mission, sharing my passion with others every single day. I absolutely love my fitness family and all the relationships I’ve built over the years. MorGainz will continue to grow and learn, all while focusing on the positive and moving forward.  

Many, many thanks to my MorGainz Family!

– Kelly Morgan

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