• Aimee Janakovic

    She is 5 inches smaller…she gained 2.2 pounds of muscle and lost 5 pounds of fat!!! Incredible! Her story:

    “Living a happy, purposeful and well balanced life takes a lot of intentional work. I’ve experienced many changes in the past 4 years, which has resulted in my life slipping into overdrive in the most blessed and best way. You have to be careful not to let the busyness of life become the excuse for not paying attention to your physical body and giving it what it needs. I realized I needed to streamline and take the guesswork out of the quality of physical training I strive to accomplish each week. Enter my good friend Kelly and her awesome program. It was a no brainer to just give all of that mental energy over to Kelly and let her tell me what to do. The program is hard mentally and physically, but her no nonsense instructions and direct feedback were exactly what I needed. The results speak for themselves and I’m so excited to continue with this routine and hopefully with the progress. Thank you Kelly and MorGainz, I’m hooked!”

  • Sue Mohney Lease


    “My life has been full of new adventures & challenges. I am truly blessed & grateful. I changed careers at 36, learned to ride a motorcycle at 47, bought a RE/MAX franchise at 58 with my husband Bill, & started Kelly’s Ignite 90 program at 69. Our daughter Erin, who had completed Kelly’s Ignite 90 Program, inspired me. And I will always remember her saying before the set 3 assisted pull-ups on the bands “don’t worry, you won’t fall off, you’re coordinated. “ Bill conspired with our son Shane to get me the gift certificate for Christmas & adventure #4 was scheduled. Not gonna lie – slightly petrified when I walked into the gym on January 29th for the body composition analysis – and again at the first session with Kelly on January 31st. But here I am, now 70, and the results have been so worth it! 

    What I gained/learned from Kelly Morgan:

    1. I CAN do it.

    2. Stand straight and tall.

    3. When Kelly asks “can you do more”, the answer is NOT maybe. It’s yes or no.

    4. What I eat matters. I’ve been on MANY food journeys and know that eating more vegetables, fruit, chicken etc. and less sugar etc. makes you lose and maintain weight. But I had no knowledge of macros, and have learned that the combination of fat, carbs, and protein are what enable you to not only lose fat but also gain muscle.

    5. I now eat 3 times/day plus snacks & am never hungry.

    6. I sleep better.

    7. I have more energy.

    8. My clothes fit better and I’m not afraid to tuck a shirt into my jeans now and NOT put on a fleece to hide the rolls – lol. Getting there!

    So I hope this inspires YOU to do it (notice I didn’t say “try”). Life is full of forks in the road – take this fork. You won’t regret it. When Bill asked me “What’s next?”, I said “more of the same.” Thanks so much! Forever grateful, Kelly!” 

  • Lisa

    Time for another stellar #TransformationTuesday!!! Congratulations Lisa on a job well done the second time around! Life happens…as we all know. She is 4.25 inches smaller, she gained 3 pounds of muscle and lost 5 pounds of fat! Incredible!!! “I completed Kelly’s program the first time in July 2022. Life got busy and I got distracted. After many attempts to get back on track, I finally decided to reach out to Kelly and redo her program. I needed the accountability. Shortly after the holidays, I was back at the gym! I counted my macros, showed up, and did the work. I started seeing results!! My clothes got looser, I physically felt better and my energy level increased. I am happy I decided to make me a priority and get back to the gym. One thing I learned is no matter how busy life gets you need to make time for you. Thank you Kelly for your encouragement and wisdom. Your weekly check ins helped keep me motivated and was just what I needed to get back on track.” That’s all there is to it! Make a decision and let’s go!

  • Anonymous

    I’m so glad I decided to stop making excuses and join Kelly’s 90 day Ignite program! I’d be lying if I said I have done a total 180 and now look forward to exercising

    However, it’s discipline that will win this race, not motivation. The fact of the matter is, if you want results you have to do the work! I’m looking forward to continuing my journey and making it a lifestyle.

  • Kelly Morgan, Owner & Founder, MorGainz Fitness


    OMGosh the birthday love….thank you thank you thank you!!!! You sure know how to make a girl feel special and loved! So appreciated

    Well…another year has passed and I always repost my story the week of my birthday….so here goes! I hope it continues to inspire, encourage and motivate those who read it! #transformationtuesday After being asked by many of my clients…”Have I always looked like this?”…the answer is a resounding NO! I have had many years of yo-yoing, fad diets, pills, an unhealthy relationship with food, a terrible self image, body dysmorphic disorder, periods of extreme exercise, periods of anorexia, consistently comparing myself to others and always wanting to be someone else. Also, a reason we wanted to create an inviting and welcoming environment to EVERYONE at all of our facilities. We KNOW how hard it is in the beginning

    I was always bigger than my teeny tiny friends as a teenager. My bad behavior and toxic thinking started then. I thinned out when I was active duty AF, age 19, but quickly ballooned after I turned 21. Alcohol and frequent 2AM fast food runs will quickly add unwanted fat. I started running around age 24 (easy when you live in Sacramento) and I was on Fen-phen for 3 months. I dropped 25 pounds in 3 months and looked and felt terrible. Still thankful I didn’t suffer any long term damage from those drugs. I then started adding The Firm videos into my routine which was my first real encounter with weights as an adult. I was adding some muscle which of course was changing my shape in a way I really liked. Next comes marriage….and a baby boy in 1998. I gained 40 pounds with my son and it took me almost 2 full years to lose it. During that time I became addicted to the gym. Mostly weight lifting and spinning. And…I was in nursing school. Next comes baby #2 and a relocation back to PA. I only gained 16 pounds with her. I was in healthy habits, so the baby weight fell off. I am a stress NON-EATER, so over the years and challenges in my life, I’ve dipped below 150 pounds, which is an unhealthy weight for me. It truly wasn’t until we opened the gyms (Richland location in 2012) that I fully transformed my body into the lean machine I am today. It has taken me years to accept who I am, that I’ll never be like the tiny, skinny friends I wasted so much time envying in my life. I still strive to learn and teach and become the best version of myself…inside and out which is still a struggle sometimes. Even better, I have such a passion to help others, especially women. We are so hard on ourselves, and on each other, for no good reason. Life is hard enough without that poison. After my husband passed in December 2022, I took a year to really learn who I am as a person and who I want to be in this one, short life we all get. My normal routine is 3 total body lifting routines every other day TO FAILURE and kettlebell with the legendary Bill Maher on Saturdays. I literally spend approximately 4 hours a week in the gym working out…that’s it. I teach yoga 3-5 times per week which is such therapy some days! I’m also in my 3rd season working with the Johnstown Tomahawks amateur hockey team. I meal prep on Sunday’s and I track my food intake. Can I also mention how therapeutic it is to feel strong???? Oh…and…I LOVE French fries and cake and a really good burger. I love pancakes and chips & salsa and alcohol too. Portions….and fitting things in your daily macros are KEY!!!!! YES….I eat carbs!!!!! Lots and lots of carbs!!!! I just turned 52. I’ve weighed between 147-161 for the last 24 years (minus 2 pregnancies). Now, I avoid the scale most of the time because it’s truly pointless. In my brain, I’ll NEVER be happy with the number it displays. I know my resting metabolic rate (since it’s been measured) and check my body composition at least every 3 months. (I can do much more often now since I have the technology to do so.) so I know exactly the macromorescription that my body needs. I am stronger and leaner than I have ever been…with no signs of slowing down… I’m currently prepping for my first (and last) natural body building competition at the young age of 52! My body fat is 10.4%. How else do you grow??? Get out of your comfort zone! Take a risk and go for it! I hope my story inspires, motivates and encourages everyone who takes the time to read it! No fake news here….genuine honesty from my heart and unfiltered pictures. I’m living proof that this lifestyle is achievable AND sustainable. I think we are all screaming for something REAL! My goal is to help as many people as possible…near and far! Email me or call the gyms to get on my Ignite 90 program wait list. Life is far too short to not be happy


    #FitOver50 #yesyoucan #strong morgainzfitness.com

  • Lynn Richards


    “Success- the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.” “I have been active my whole life and have been an avid gym person since I was in college. I’ve joined gyms, worked with personal trainers and taken aerobic classes. Last November I felt depleted and unmotivated …..seasonal depression was setting in. I was working out with a trainer and I just didn’t enjoy it anymore, so just like that, after 3 years, I quit. It felt so good to come home right after work and plop down on my couch every night instead of working out. Once summer came I knew it was time to “get back”. Every week I was going to start and I just kept making excuses why I couldn’t start that week. I knew that I needed to find something that was going to make me be held accountable and that’s when I looked into Kelly’s program. Success is different for all of us, for me it wasn’t about losing inches per say, it was about getting stronger and more importantly, making going to the gym a habit again. It sucked at first. I was sore and angry at myself for letting so much time go by. But after the first 2 weeks, I was hooked and began looking forward to getting to the gym after work. Everytime I wanted to go easy or skip a rep/set, I could hear Kelly in my head saying “you are only cheating yourself”….lol. I am now back to loving my gym time and stronger than I was 90 days ago. My next goal is to really try to improve my nutrition. I am a work in progress. Shout out to Kelly for being my guide, my confidant and my friend.”

  • Jaclyn Johnson


    “I have completed my 90 day ignite program with Kelly and I have felt stronger and more energy in my body. I had lower back surgery and have had issues with pain afterwards for years. I needed an exercise program that could strengthen my lower back to experience less pain and protect it from flare ups. Kelly has given me that and it helps tremendously. Thank you for that.”

  • Payton Wood


    Going into this program I was about 4 months postpartum and had made decent enough progress on my own, but was stuck for lack of a better word. So I decided to get tier 1 because I already have decent enough experience in the gym to take the instructions given and get it done. I didn’t really have a specific goal in mind as far as my weight goes or anything like that, I actually have no idea what I weigh. I essentially just wanted a challenge and to change my general body composition. I’ve struggled with anorexia since I was young, and Kelly was absolutely fantastic at helping to remind me of how food is fuel for my body, and the number on the scale means absolutely nothing in terms of my progress. Though it is and will always be a struggle, this program has showed me that my body has strength that I never knew was there. And that it doesn’t deserve to be starved or deprived, but rather fueled and loved. I will say without a doubt the most important thing I have gained from this program is the strength to make my day to day life easier when taking care of my mother. Before this, I couldn’t even get her up or down a ramp in her wheelchair and now I’m doing it with ease multiple times a day. Looking good is cool and all, but feeling stronger and being able to do the things I used to struggle with means the absolute world. And the knowledge I gained through this program will be with me and applied throughout the rest of my life.

  • Allison Wilson


    Hi..my name is Allison and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I graduated from Kelly’s Ignite 90 Program! I’ve been in and out of the gym for about 6 years, being most committed over the past year. As an athlete, I’m always interested in staying “in shape,” but I never truly knew what it would take to get there. I just tried different workouts and hoped for the best. After seeing Kelly workout at the gym and admiring her motivation for fitness I thought…she can help me push to that next level I wa looking for. My goal was NOT to lose weight…I wanted muscles and STRENGTH!!! This program got me just that! (With the added bonus of inches and pounds lost that I didn’t really expect!). My volleyball game has significantly improved, not only in power, but in endurance. That shocked me! What I loved most about this program is….it is not rigid! It was flexible to my busy schedule and I had zero planning to do. I got myself to the gym every other day and the results came! For anyone questioning if this is the program for you, I’d say regardless of athletic ability, shape or strength….a resounding YES!!! It jumpstarted me to engage in a whole new level in my fitness journey, I’m more confident in the gym and have never felt better about my body!!!

  • Christy Townsend


    “For a while I had been feeling like crap and knew I needed to change, but I had to idea where to start.  I really struggled with holding myself accountable and I was disgusted.  I didn’t think the gym was for me because I had no idea what to do or how to properly use any equipment and I was terrified of exercising in front of people.  I had met Kelly several months ago at my work’s wellness day and decided to check out their website.  I came across the Ignite 90 Program and thought “This is exactly what I need.”  When I first met with Kelly, she asked what my goals and expectations were for the program and I told her that I just wanted to get healthier.  To me, that meant being able to walk up the steps without getting out of breath and to just feel better in general.  I almost didn’t make it through my first workout session with Kelly, but she believed in me and supported me and I struggled my way through it.  It’s a miracle that I even went back after that because it was so hard for me, but I did.  Somehow I managed to keep going back, and now I can’t imagine not going to the gym.  I truly love it and am so thankful for Kelly giving me the push I needed to get started and to stay committed.  I still struggle with the nutrition part, but I understand now that it’s not all or nothing.  It’s a process and it takes work everyday.  Just because you don’t eat as well as you should one day doesn’t mean it’s ruined.   Just start over the next day!  On paper, I have only lost a few inches so far, but my clothes are looser and I’ve even gone down a size.  I seriously can’t thank Kelly enough for helping me change my life.”

  • Raghida Haidar


    “Over the past several years, I’ve wanted to join a gym and get serious about working out, but I always ended up throwing money away because I gave up due to frustration.  I didn’t know if what I was doing was going to help me reach mu ultimate goal of weight loss.  I would be thereon my own and had no support to help me on the way.  I was intimidated by all of the machines because I didn’t know how to use them and what proper form was so I didn’t get hurt.  I was also in the mindset that I needed a “workout buddy” to hold me accountable, but I quickly changed that and started thinking I needed to hold ME accountable.  A really close friend of mine told me to check out MorGainz Fitness and so I did.  I got online, checked out their website, and came across Kelly’s Ignite 90 Program.  I called the gym immediately and set up a meeting with Dave & Kelly.  I knew from speaking with them, that this is where I needed to be.  They were already so informational and supportive and I wasn’t even a member yet!  This was at the end of July 2019.  Leaving that meeting with them, I decided it’s time to make a change.  On August 1, I started Kelly’s program and have been in the gym every other day since then.  I was very nervous, still very intimidated, BUT after my first workout with Kelly, I knew I could do this!  I became confident in myself and walked through that door with my head held high knowing I was going to kill my workout!  I always thought that working out was the hard part, but it’s not!  It’s actually the easy part.  It’s getting the nutrition down that’s hard!  Figuring out macros and counting calories is the hard part and I’m STILL trying to get that part down.  Don’t get me wrong, there are days that I struggle with wanting to go to the gym and I just want to skip, but I get myself there and get through the workout and feel so great afterwards.  I’m sleeping better, have better posture, and have a much better attitude since completing this program.  My clothes are fitting differently and I’ve lost a total of 9.5 inches!  Seriously, if I can do this, anyone can!  You just got to want it for yourself and stay committed!”

  • Gloria Ryan


    “I loved the Ignite 90 Program with Kelly! I can’t believe the difference, especially since I was SO RESISTANT to weight training.  Now, I’m a believer.  I have improved body posture, more confidence, I sleep better, my digestion has improved-just to mention a few things.  Just do it!!!”

  • Karen Schuster


    “I have been coming to the Morgan’s gyms for years.  Before Kelly’s Ignite 90 program, I didn’t have the courage to go out on the floor to work with weight lifting.  Now, with her expert guidance and targeted approach in the Ignite 90 program.  I am beyond inspired.  I love the way I look & feel.  I’ve gone down a couple of pants sizes and I love the workouts.  I highly recommend her program & I talk about it to people all the time.”

  • Molly Byrne


    “The Ignite 90 program helped me lose the last 10 pounds of a significant weight loss.  Kelly taught me the skills needed to build muscles.  She helped me build the confidence needed to work out with weights without spending a lot of time in the gym.”

  • Megan Adams-West

    “I have tried about every diet in the books!  I would lose weight fast and then gain it back plus more!  When West Hills Fitness (now MorGainz Fitness) opened in Westmont, I decided to give it a try.  I learned a lot from great people, and awesome trainers and owners!  I year and a half later, I have stayed committed and now I’m getting healthy the right way!  Everyone always asked me how are you doing it…I tell them I exercise 4-5 times per week and eat healthier.  It’s not something that happens overnight, you have to make a life change!!!

  • Natalie Williams


    “There was a time when fitness was not a priority in my life.  I had lost a lot of weight post pregnancy just by changing my eating habits, but as I approached 40, it wasn’t as easy to keep the weight off.  I joined MorGainz Fitness about 5 years ago with the goal of just using the cardio machines to “get in shape.”  I gradually stepped out of my comfort zone, taking various classes, and was feeling great about my progress.  I changed jobs in this last year; my schedule changed, and I found myself spending less time in the gym, and old habits starting to creep in.  I needed something to motivate me, and hold me accountable, so I decided to try Kelly’s 90 day program.  I’ve quickly gotten back on track with nutrition, and I’ve been making it to the gym 3-5 times per week.  It’s still a work in progress for me, but I’ve definitely become stronger in the last 3 months, and I look forward to continuing this journey.  Thanks Kelly for all the help!”

  • Maria Carnevali


    “I started this journey with Kelly back in April when I lost all hope in my body and the gym and even though it was a long (and sometimes frustrating) journey it was totally worth every moment! Plus, it isn’t over just because I graduated the program with her, I plan to keep pushing to get my body to the healthiest it can be. She gave me the drive and confidence I needed to get myself into the gym and to stay there. While I’m not seeing a lot of big change in my body, I know for a fact that I am so much stronger from where I started and will only continue to get stronger! And Kelly not only gave me the tools to get there, but also the confidence in where I’m at now, that I love my body in all its short stalky strength and will just keep blossoming into that beauty and self-love the longer I use the knowledge and tools she gave me. I know it’ll be a loooong journey to get to my goal strength and body, but I can see it getting closer, and now, thanks to Kelly, I have the tools to get there & a little more patience with the process!”

  • Jen Sausman


    “Almost 2 years ago, I was overweight, uncomfortable with how I looked and felt, and wasn’t eating healthy. I’d tell myself I’m going to the gym tomorrow. Many tomorrows came and went until I finally decided enough is enough. Time for action. I was intimidated at the thought of going back to the gym since I was so out of shape and self-conscious. I started with group classes at MorGainz Fitness Richland and it was NOT easy. I’d have to stop several times and modify some of the moves, but I was there and that’s what mattered. Everyone was super supportive and encouraging. I also made changes to my eating. I didn’t want to jump on a fad diet that wasn’t sustainable. So, I started tracking my calories and I stopped drinking soda altogether. I began to see results with a healthy 1-2 pound loss per week. About a year into this routine, I was talking to Kelly about the necessity and many benefits of weight training. I had always wanted to incorporate that into my fitness journey, but I didn’t know what to do or how to start. She suggested training with her husband, Dave. What a huge difference maker! He pushes me without sacrificing form, which is exactly what I need. He keeps the workouts challenging, but achievable. He is very professional and an expert at what he does. I have noticed tremendous differences in the way I look since I started lifting. In fact, this is the best I’ve ever felt! I look forward to each session and get stronger every time. Looking back at my before picture, I NEVER thought I’d be where I am now. Sure, there are days I don’t feel like going to the gym, or I make a bad food choice, but that’s OK! Life is short and I’m human and just get back on track. I have made fitness part of my daily routine because I feel better mentally and physically. Kelly and Dave are incredible people. They really care about their clients. You will not find that at a commercialized facility. Plus, I feel great knowing that I’m supporting a local small business. If you are in a situation and you know you need a change, call Kelly or Dave. I know it seems overwhelming because I once was there. You owe it to yourself to make a positive change. You’re the only one who can make it happen, so what are you waiting for?“

  • Erin Reed


    “I was disgusted with my lack of motivation and energy.  Nothing fit and at 151 I had enough.  I joined MorGainz Fitness and started on Kelly’s 90 day program.  I immediately began to feel better.  At age 47, it was way easier, and not nearly as time consuming than I thought it would be.  Kelly and Dave were both available with tips, support, help and encouragement whenever I needed.  They really helped me stay accountable.  If I can do this, anyone can!  The program can work for ANYONE’s schedule!  It took me 4 months to complete the program, but I’m down 27 pounds and 16 inches and couldn’t be happier!”

  • Edwin Kesslak


    I actually started the 90 day program with Kelly on a whim after looking for local gyms and wanting to see a change in my body and overall fitness.  The results far exceeded my expectations!!!  She created a logical,consistent, sustainable and realistic plan for the goals I wanted.  She thoroughly explained all of the exercises in each of the workouts, the method to the madness, the extreme importance of correct nutrition, and most importantly, put up with my many questions!  I put on 8 pounds of muscle in 90 days!  If you’re looking for a change in your physique…this is the way!!!

  • Ivah Law


    After being retired and going to the gym every day without seeing results, I was getting very frustrated.  I am 71 years old and have back problems. I spoke with Kelly and she got me started on her 90 day program.  She individualized the program to me.  I had to track my food intake and my exercises.  In 90 days, I was smaller and stronger and very happy with my results.  I feel very good about myself and will continue to follow this very sustainable program as long as I possibly can!

  • Shannon Shaffer


    I always though I lived somewhat of a healthy lifestyle, but never got the results I wanted. I was constantly doing cardio with the occasional weight training session. My diet was always off no matter what I ate, very frustrating. So I decided to join MorGainz Fitness where I met with Kelly and chose to start her 90 day program. She set me up with customized weight training routine and a nutrition plan to match my body. I started to see a difference within the first month. I had more energy, my clothes were fitting better and overall I was feeling great. In 90 days, I lost almost 8 inches and 10 pounds of fat! I love the program and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to be healthier and feel more confident! Thanks again Kelly for all your help and support!

  • Donald Bulka


    As an ex-professional fire fighter, I used to keep myself in shape for such a physically demanding job. As I changed careers, I let myself go, got lazy, and just lost interest in staying in shape. I became a couch potato which led to obesity. West Hills Fitness opened at the end of 2016 and Dave & Kelly Morgan walked into my life. Kelly took command of my nutrition, working my macros out to perfection. Dave took me under his wing in the weight room and made sure I was getting the best workout plan that would transform me into a healthy lean 64 year old. It’s been a very hard 12 week transformation and Dave & Kelly have been with me every step of the way. I have lost almost 28 pounds of fat and gained 2.5 pounds of lean mass. I’ve lost 4 inches around my waist so far. I have maintained my resting metabolic rate. I am looking forward to the next 12 weeks, and the next and the next. This is a lifestyle!

  • Jenna Bender


    I reached a point in my life where my “at home workouts” were not helping me achieve the level of physique I was looking for. After spending the last few years dedicated to my children, I knew it was time for a lifestyle change in order to take care of myself. Joining a gym seemed rather intimidating to me. I did not want to get in the way of the gym members who had their usual routines and lifting weights was not something I was familiar with. I reached out to Kelly and she immediately go me started. She introduced me to a new type of fitness routine, not only through exercise, but nutrition as well. Her patience, guidance and encouragement allowed me to achieve my goals. After several months following her 90 day program, not only has my physical appearance been transformed, but I feel so much better mentally and emotionally. I want to thank Kelly to be flexible around my daily schedule and for her encouragement.

  • Kim Marshall


    Everyone has a their own reason for starting a healthy lifestyle. This is my story. Within Six years I had two back surgeries and a hysterectomy. I was eating unhealthy foods, taking medicine for anxiety (which developed after my surgeries), I wasn’t exercising at all – I had no energy. I was tired all the time and started to lack self-confidence. Overall I had little to no motivation. My new lifestyle journey started in February 2018 when I had to buy an evening gown for a formal event. Looking in the mirror I hated myself. I decided to join West Hills Fitness, but did not know how to exercise properly. In March 2018, I hired their personal trainer, Dave Morgan, and also began to incorporate some wellness supplement products into my daily routine. In the first month I lost 6 inches! Dave not only had me performing weight lifting techniques I never thought possible, he also helped me to develop better nutritional habits to help maximize my results. Not long after, I began to have more energy and was no longer dependent on my anxiety medication. To date, I have lost total of 28 inches and 24 pounds AND have muscle definition! I love how just by exercising and eating well my mood has improved and has made me a more positive person. This is a lifestyle, not a quick fix to lose weight. You have to have a mindset and thanks to the love and support I have received from West Hills Fitness I was able to turn my goals into reality!

  • Danielle Peterman


    In January 2018 I set out to lose 40 pds by my 40th Birthday. Saturday 6/16 marks the big 4-0…the scale says that I lost 32 pds….just shy of my 40 pd mark. I am not at all upset, actually I am overjoyed as I can continue my journey to strength and health knowing that each day is a better version of who I was the day before. I did not walk this road alone and I have to give credit to Lori Marek, who pushed me off my fat ass, Dave Morgan, who has guided me through this world of fitness and health, showing me that physical limits are meant to be shattered and having the patience to help me help myself and last but most certainly not least Marilyn Alberter and Dennis (mom and dad/Grammy and Pappy)….without your help none of this would be possible! From the very bottom of my heart, I THANK YOU ALL!

    And finally, to the only hearts that beat with to my rhythm….Josh, Grady and Ronan! You are my reasons! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Anna Meyers


    From Anna:

    “My story:
    I’m not a complete stranger to the gym, however after years of being a working mom, running kids everywhere and being in my 40’s, the weight slowly crept on. I decided in January I was headed back to the gym! I wasn’t but a few months in, until I realized I needed more than cardio, and I came upon Kelly’s ignite 90 weight lifting program and it was just the push I needed. Thank you Kelly!”

    You crushed it Anna Meyers! You achieved your goal of adding muscle and losing fat! In fact, you gained 5 pounds of lean mass and lost 7 pounds of fat!!!! Almost 8 inches lost!!! You look amazing and I’m so proud of you! Isn’t it so interesting that your body weight changed by less than 2 pounds…and this is exactly why I tell people to stay off the scale!!! Thanks for trusting me!

  • Christina Horner


    From Christina:
    “I had recently lost weight but something was missing… I had no energy and I definitely needed to tone up. I had a gym membership in the past, but mostly had no clue what I was doing and I gave up.

    I first heard about the ignite 90 program at work. The program sounded so exciting, I had to check it out. I was nervous at my first visit, but Kelly was so friendly and made me feel at ease with this new weight training program. She had so much enthusiasm it was contagious and I couldn’t wait to get started. Kelly demonstrated my first months exercises and I felt, I CAN DO THIS! She made it look so easy.

    I had two goals in mind:

    1. My first goal was to be able to keep up with my man, Gary, on hiking trails while on vacation out West in September
    2. My second goal was to increase my muscle and strength of my stabilizer muscles to prevent re-injuries to my back ( 3 injuries since 2017.)

    She gave me a nutrition plan to follow. It was definitely an adjustment to my low carb diet, but I needed more carbs to fuel my body during my workouts.

    It was a slow start for me because of the fear of re-injury, but I worked hard and it paid off. Kelly would respond to my fear saying, “TRUST ME!” I hit the floor running and 3 months later I love my results. I met both of my goals!

    Thank you Kelly for all the encouragement, enthusiasm, and the knowledge of diet combined with weight training/exercise.”

    Can I also add that after her repeat body composition, Christina gained 1 pound of muscle and lost 2 pounds of fat. She was also 3.5 inches smaller overall. Congratulations on a job very well done!

  • Dawn O’Roark


    “I am a breast cancer survivor going on almost 2 years, but it’s just recently that I started feeling like a survivor. I had a rough rebound after finishing all my cancer treatments and surgeries and just as I was cleared to get back to living, the pandemic shut down started. Most days I didn’t want to get off the couch and when I did I couldn’t wait to get back to it. In addition to being very sedentary, I did a lot of comfort eating and justifying about what I deserved because of what I had been through. I knew I needed to do something to overpower my excuses, to become healthier and gain back my life. That’s when my good friend told me about Ignite 90 and suggested I message Kelly.

    I did everything to try to convince Kelly to let me do the program outside the gym. I had never belonged to a gym and just thinking about going to the gym gave me anxiety. I had such a fear of being judged and being imperfect in a pool of perfection. However, my biggest concern about starting any workout was getting injured since I had been so inactive so I decided to dive all into Kelly’s program and joined MorGainz Fitness Richland and started Ignite 90!

    During my initial visit Kelly I wasn’t surprised, but was completely mortified that my body composition measurements showed I was over 40% body fat. I thought for sure I was never going to be successful when she told me I should only eat 1400 calories and only 39 grams of fat a day!!! The workout routine, however tough, did not seem as torturous as some of the home programs I had tried to work through in the past so I didn’t dread them. I began to view the gym as a retreat—a place where for 45 minutes or so I could focus only on me. No one was judging, everyone was friendly and lots have been really encouraging. I began to feel so alive, so strong and so happy to be alive and I am absolutely in love with feeling this way!!! I have found myself again. I have rediscovered my joys—there is so much I want to do now that I don’t have enough time in each day to get them done!

    None of my days are perfect-I eat chocolate and sometimes more than I should, but I am learning to find a better balance. I have discovered that my idea of trying to be perfect is ridiculous—no one’s perfect and no one should demand perfection. I keep reminding myself that if I have a bad day—it doesn’t mean I should give up and return to all my bad habits thinking I am bound to fail anyway. Now I just remind myself that I will just do better tomorrow. With Kelly’s help, I have learned to change my thinking—I am not on a diet, I am on a journey to live better. It doesn’t come easy, it’s a constant conversation I have with myself every day, but anything worth doing isn’t easy.

    As a survivor I feel inclined to share a Breast Cancer Awareness plea. Please take time to become breast aware. Talk to your doctor about your breast cancer risk. If you are over 40, call today and schedule your mammogram—I know it’s just one more appointment and one more thing to do but believe me, making time for a mammogram is much easier than making time for all the appointments you will need as a cancer patient. Early detection is the goal. When you are breast aware and know your risks, you are more likely of detecting cancer early. Early detection could save your life but it could also spare you from having to endure some of torturous cancer treatments. I was 42 when I was diagnosed—still considered young in cancer terms. I was 6 months over due for my mammogram. After mastectomy surgery my lymph nodes showed minimal traces of cancer cells resulting in the need for chemotherapy. I can’t help but think that if I would have gotten my mammogram on time(6 months earlier) before the cancer began to invade my lymph nodes, that maybe I could have avoided the need for chemotherapy—and never lost my hair, never developed a blood clot from my chemo IV, not had to fight the nausea, the depression, and been able to move past cancer sooner. Please learn from my mistakes!”

    Can I also add that she lost 30 pounds of fat, evidenced by her repeat body composition. She lost 8% of her body fat and a total of 23 1/2 inches from top to bottom. Her calories were based off of her metabolism test. She is an absolute rockstar! #transformationtuesday#yesyoucan

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