Anna Meyers

Anna Meyers


From Anna:

“My story:
I’m not a complete stranger to the gym, however after years of being a working mom, running kids everywhere and being in my 40’s, the weight slowly crept on. I decided in January I was headed back to the gym! I wasn’t but a few months in, until I realized I needed more than cardio, and I came upon Kelly’s ignite 90 weight lifting program and it was just the push I needed. Thank you Kelly!”

You crushed it Anna Meyers! You achieved your goal of adding muscle and losing fat! In fact, you gained 5 pounds of lean mass and lost 7 pounds of fat!!!! Almost 8 inches lost!!! You look amazing and I’m so proud of you! Isn’t it so interesting that your body weight changed by less than 2 pounds…and this is exactly why I tell people to stay off the scale!!! Thanks for trusting me!

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