Kelly Morgan, Owner & Founder, MorGainz Fitness

Kelly Morgan, Owner & Founder, MorGainz Fitness


OMGosh the birthday love….thank you thank you thank you!!!! You sure know how to make a girl feel special and loved! So appreciated

Well…another year has passed and I always repost my story the week of my birthday….so here goes! I hope it continues to inspire, encourage and motivate those who read it! #transformationtuesday After being asked by many of my clients…”Have I always looked like this?”…the answer is a resounding NO! I have had many years of yo-yoing, fad diets, pills, an unhealthy relationship with food, a terrible self image, body dysmorphic disorder, periods of extreme exercise, periods of anorexia, consistently comparing myself to others and always wanting to be someone else. Also, a reason we wanted to create an inviting and welcoming environment to EVERYONE at all of our facilities. We KNOW how hard it is in the beginning

I was always bigger than my teeny tiny friends as a teenager. My bad behavior and toxic thinking started then. I thinned out when I was active duty AF, age 19, but quickly ballooned after I turned 21. Alcohol and frequent 2AM fast food runs will quickly add unwanted fat. I started running around age 24 (easy when you live in Sacramento) and I was on Fen-phen for 3 months. I dropped 25 pounds in 3 months and looked and felt terrible. Still thankful I didn’t suffer any long term damage from those drugs. I then started adding The Firm videos into my routine which was my first real encounter with weights as an adult. I was adding some muscle which of course was changing my shape in a way I really liked. Next comes marriage….and a baby boy in 1998. I gained 40 pounds with my son and it took me almost 2 full years to lose it. During that time I became addicted to the gym. Mostly weight lifting and spinning. And…I was in nursing school. Next comes baby #2 and a relocation back to PA. I only gained 16 pounds with her. I was in healthy habits, so the baby weight fell off. I am a stress NON-EATER, so over the years and challenges in my life, I’ve dipped below 150 pounds, which is an unhealthy weight for me. It truly wasn’t until we opened the gyms (Richland location in 2012) that I fully transformed my body into the lean machine I am today. It has taken me years to accept who I am, that I’ll never be like the tiny, skinny friends I wasted so much time envying in my life. I still strive to learn and teach and become the best version of myself…inside and out which is still a struggle sometimes. Even better, I have such a passion to help others, especially women. We are so hard on ourselves, and on each other, for no good reason. Life is hard enough without that poison. After my husband passed in December 2022, I took a year to really learn who I am as a person and who I want to be in this one, short life we all get. My normal routine is 3 total body lifting routines every other day TO FAILURE and kettlebell with the legendary Bill Maher on Saturdays. I literally spend approximately 4 hours a week in the gym working out…that’s it. I teach yoga 3-5 times per week which is such therapy some days! I’m also in my 3rd season working with the Johnstown Tomahawks amateur hockey team. I meal prep on Sunday’s and I track my food intake. Can I also mention how therapeutic it is to feel strong???? Oh…and…I LOVE French fries and cake and a really good burger. I love pancakes and chips & salsa and alcohol too. Portions….and fitting things in your daily macros are KEY!!!!! YES….I eat carbs!!!!! Lots and lots of carbs!!!! I just turned 52. I’ve weighed between 147-161 for the last 24 years (minus 2 pregnancies). Now, I avoid the scale most of the time because it’s truly pointless. In my brain, I’ll NEVER be happy with the number it displays. I know my resting metabolic rate (since it’s been measured) and check my body composition at least every 3 months. (I can do much more often now since I have the technology to do so.) so I know exactly the macromorescription that my body needs. I am stronger and leaner than I have ever been…with no signs of slowing down… I’m currently prepping for my first (and last) natural body building competition at the young age of 52! My body fat is 10.4%. How else do you grow??? Get out of your comfort zone! Take a risk and go for it! I hope my story inspires, motivates and encourages everyone who takes the time to read it! No fake news here….genuine honesty from my heart and unfiltered pictures. I’m living proof that this lifestyle is achievable AND sustainable. I think we are all screaming for something REAL! My goal is to help as many people as possible…near and far! Email me or call the gyms to get on my Ignite 90 program wait list. Life is far too short to not be happy


#FitOver50 #yesyoucan #strong

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