Victor Petersen

Victor Petersen

Throughout my life, I have enjoyed the benefits of fitness.  When I was young, I played sports in high school; in the military I stayed fit maintaining the Army’s standards. But, after turning 30, my fitness eroded as I focused on my kids and my career.  After a while, I realized that being unhappy in my own skin and being generally unfit was the example I was setting for my family.  I decided to turn things around and recommit to being fit and healthy.  Through this process I rediscovered my love of fitness and exercise, and how rewarding it is to help effect change in the people’s lives around me.

Today I am certified as a personal trainer, health coach, fitness coach, and can give advice and education regarding nutrition.  As a certified personal trainer through ISSA, I can give personal or group sessions, including personalized workout plans. With my Health and Fitness coach certifications, I can help guide you through whatever health conditions you’re dealing with, including stress management, anxiety, depression, and many more.   My goal is to help you reach your fitness and weight loss goals, and guide you to make life long mindset changes that make your fitness and health a priority.  I look forward to helping you along this journey. 

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