Body Composition Analysis

Do you KNOW what you’re made of?


A scale will NOT tell you!  It cannot discern what is lean mass vs. fat mass.  We try to educate all of our clients that the goal is not to “lose weight”, but to improve their body composition.  This can be done by building muscle and losing fat over time.  Think about it, if you put on 5 pounds of muscle AND lose 5 pounds of fat, what happens to the number on the scale?  NOTHING!!!  But, guaranteed you are stronger, leaner, smaller and tighter!  Muscles are denser and what give you your shape!  Fat takes on the container it is in…which is our aging skin.

We are now offering body composition analysis at our Richland location!  It’s a simple, scientific, evidence based test that takes less than a minute!  Check out the following link for more information!  Email to set up your testing today!

Pricing will be:

  • $25 for members
  • $35 for nonmembers


Premium Package includes Metabolism Measurement, Body Composition Analysis and a customized macro prescription plan based on those results.

  • $99 for members
  • $129 for nonmembers