MorGainz Fitness Kids Korner Rules

  1. Children are NOT PERMITTED at MorGainz Fitness ANY TIME outside of Kids Korner hours. This is a direct violation of our policies & cause for loss of Kids Korner use and/or gym membership. (See daycare hours)
  2. Ages of children permitted in the Kids Korner are from 3 months- 10 years. Children under the age of 10 MUST remain in Kids Korner, during Kids Korner hours only (this includes fitness classes).
  3. The Kids Korner is a babysitting service & is not any kind of state regulated or licensed daycare. You are ultimately responsible for your child/children.
  4. NO food or drink is permitted in Kids Korner, except formula for babies.
  5. The Kids Korner staff does not change diapers or take children to the restroom. It is your responsibility to be prepared to do so (with a changing pad, not just on the floor).
  6. The Kids Korner staff are all certified in CPR & first aid & have child clearances. There is a camera in Kids Korner with recorded surveillance.
  7. The maximum time in Kids Korner is 90 minutes PER DAY (60 if it is very busy). Parents cannot leave the premises when their children are in Kids Korner.
  8. MorGainz Fitness is not responsible for any injury your child may obtain on site.
  9. The maximum # of children in Kids Korner at any given time depends on location & there may be times that you cannot leave your children. Safety will come first.
  10. Children need to be signed in & out EVERY TIME with cell phone #.  Whoever drops the child off is responsible for picking them up.
  11. You need to leave your cell phone on your person, in the event the Kids Korner staff needs to get in touch with you immediately to assist your children for ANY reason (diaper change, inconsolable crying, and/or behavior issues).
  12. Children are to be taken directly to & from the daycare on arrival & departure. They are not permitted to run around anywhere in the gym, climb on or touch any equipment. They also need to come to the gym with clean shoes & not track dirt back to Kids Korner.
  13. Children may not come to the Kids Korner sick. They will not be permitted to stay.
  14. There will be an added charge of $2/child/visit for members OR PREPAID $20/month/1 kid, $30/month/2 kids, $40/month/3 kids etc. UNLIMITED visits AND $5/child/visit for nonmembers.  The front desk staff will add this amount to your account if you are a member to be paid with your automatic membership payment or you may pay at the time of services rendered.  If you are not a member, the fee will be paid when you pay for the drop in.
  15. Other people’s children may not come to Kids Korner without prior written consent from their guardian.